Rayuan untuk semua

Demam kempen makin terasa. Bukan takat berkempen di internet & media masa yg lain bahkan di dalam e mel. Ada satu e mel yg menarik. Saya siarkan untuk bacaan(baca, fikir & ambil tindakan) semua.

General Election

We all know that once in a few years we are given the opportunity to vote.
Why vote? It has no effect on the outcome.

One vote alone may not count but many votes together becomes a voice to be
reckoned with. Let your voice be heard.

This election, more so than others is a vital election because we are at a
cross roads. If we get it right we will prosper; if we get it wrong, we
will suffer as we have seen in our neighboring countries.

To help you decide please ponder these issues:
1. Do you think our politicians in power are corrupt?
2. Do you think our civil service is corrupt?
3. Do you think they are incompetent?
4. Do you think the people in power sets themselves above the law?
5. Do you think our leadership has lost its way?
6. Do you think we are getting more & more divided by race & religion?
7. Do you think we have a questionable justice system?
8. Do you think that they are wasting our wealth?
9. Do you think our children will suffer more?
10.Do you want to see change?

If you say yes to 3 or more of these issues, don't you think we need change? YOU CAN MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN!!!

We owe it to ourselves and to our children and to their children.

Malaysia Boleh! make it happen for ours and our children's future.
May the force be with you

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